Electronics Screwdriver Set Recommendations?

Posted 3rd Feb 2023
Amazon have a lot but was wondering if anyone here knew of a set that actually doesn't strip screws?

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    It’s not quite clear what you are after but assuming you are just taking apart small electronic devices and don’t need VDE or anything, you might want to look at the iFixit toolkits which are good in my experience
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    My lad got me an ifixit set for Christmas, and they are excellent quality.
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    Stripping screw heads usually means your not using the right sized screwdriver

    Ive been using one of these kits for laptop repairs for years. Good kits

    YINSAN 120 in 1 Precision Screwdrivers Set amzn.eu/d/3…deE
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    If you’re talking about a precision set then last year I got something similar to this and for the few times I’ve used it it’s been fine.

    Randora 64 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Mini Magnetic Torx Screw Driver Bit DIY Electronics Repair Tools Kit for iPhone Laptop PC MacBook Xbox Watch Glasses Game Console Small Appliances and More amzn.eu/d/gilv6nB

    For general home use I have a few random screwdrivers but I also have a set from Lidl which again has been fine.

    For electrical work I have a few testers and I think a single VDE screwdriver which does me. (edited)
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