Posted 8th Jun 2020
Has anyone heard of this retailer? They seem rather cheap. I did some googling and they get a 3, 3.5 star based on whether they ship or not (i.e. selling things out of stock), but has anyone had any experience?

What's iffy:
They list paypal, but ask for credit cards during registration.
Price is rather cheap.

I checked them on google and there's some evidence they've shipped, I can also see them on the government website (which they link from their footer):

One TV seems to be 300 GBP cheaper than its cheapest price on price runner so I'd like to check here first with you peeps.
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Ouch, okay thank you! That saved me a headache.
Ok just an update to hopefully make buyers be aware of electronics centre. I spoke with someone at their side, and asked him why his images did not match his stated address , his response was the factory is behind his company address at Beaumont st, on checking I only found a housing estate. Plus on checking companies house his company address was changed to Putney bridge on 01/06. Also emailed Atlantic electronics who own the images listed on electronicscentre to see if they were affiliated and gauge more info. They have advised electronics centre is nothing to do with them and they will be contacting them to ask why their images are being used. I also asked electronicscentre over phone regarding LG 5 year warranty. Their reply was I would need to register with LG to get 5 years. I called LG and they advised they do not offer 5 year. Seems strange all their social media pages are only 1 month old . Think I will pass on this company.
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