Elementary - Pick TV (Freeview Ch11) Series 4 missing???

Posted 28th Feb 2020
Hi all.

Bit of a silly one; I know; but I happen to be enjoying this show at the moment. A day or two ago I noticed they were showing "trailers" for 'New' Elementary - starting Monday 2nd March. This puzzled me a bit as I thought the whole show was 'new' to Pick (yes, I do know it's an old Sky show) but what puzzled me even more was that tonight's episode (S3 Ep22) precedes the new series on Monday - but it's Series/Season 5 - Ep1. Where's series 4 gone??? Perhaps the TV guide info is incorrect? I've not checked IMDB yet.

I would Email them and ask (as I did Channel 4 when they started bumping all their Sci-Fi shows to 'silly-o-clock' hours on E4) but I wouldn't know who to ask. I had a look for "Pick" but it's Sky and their contact details ping you all over the place. I didn't want to look foolish sending a message to a dept. that has no interest so I thought I'd pop a query on my fave forum and see what others say...
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