Elephant.co.uk Car insurance. Anyone used them?

Found 16th Nov 2010
Has anyone used them before and how have you got on with them?

I'm currently with them and was involved in a car accident a couple of weeks back. I seam to be having nothing but problems with them.

the accident was caused by another driver being over the white line on my side of the road and me hitting them causing a collision,

as far as i am aware i dont see this being my fault, however elephant do, as there were no witnesses,

i had payed 10 months insurance and only used 4 months, they are refusing to pay the remainder back to me and i just wanted to know where i stand with this?

Along with them refusing to consider personal injury for my self, and they are offering much less than my car was worth,

does anyone have any advice on how i can get these problems sorted as they dont seam to want to budge or help me out at all?
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Doesn't sound right to me, if they are your side of the road they are at fault, unless u were breakin the law, why is there any doubt? Sounds like were missin some info

I would take it up with the insurance ombudsman
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I had a problem with them a few years ago, a car hit me as I was stopped on a country lane to let them come by, he was coming to fast hit some black ice and could not slow down hit me in the side. At the time they admitted it was there fault and then when it went threw the insurance they said it was both our faults and elephant would not fight it for me said I had to except both parties was at fault????I was stand still
Firstly if you have made a claim then you are not entitled to any refund of premium for the unused part of the year - you paid a premium for an policy, you have claimed on that policy, they are offering you money under that policy for your car - why would you be entitled to a refund ??

Secondly, you are not covered for injury under your own policy - you can only claim injury if you are claiming off another person.

Thirdly, you stated that you caused the collision by hitting the other car - without knowing the full circumstances, describing it that way in this instance you would be at fault - just because a car crosses the centre line, or is somewhere it shouldnt be, doesnt mean you can hit it and not be at fault. They may feel you had adequate time / room to take evasive action and did not do this sufficiently so are therefore partly to blame.

Fourthly, check out Parkers for a true valuation for your car - they will not pay what you paid for it, only a fair market value.

Any accident without witnesses is liable to end up being settled as you both partly to blame as the insurers have only your word for it, and who should they believe if the third party has an equally believable story ? It is far too expensive for them to fight a case that they may well lose anyway.
Same company as Admiral. I failed to inform them of a speeding ticket SP30 until 2 years later and they then charged me 2 years additional premiums on 2 policies I had with them. Over £300 in "additional" premiums. B*****ds! Wont go near them again.
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