Elephone S7 and R9? Any good?

Found 13th Oct 2016
Looking to get a new phone and there are some really good Chinese phones available. I've been keeping an eye on the two new phones Elephone have released. There's the S7 and the R9. Both seem to be pretty reasonably priced.
From what I can see, they both seem identical in term of feature. The only difference being slightly different designs.


Anyone had any experiences with Elephone mobiles and are the two phones mentioned above any good?
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I cannot comment on the quality of Elephones, but you have to consider, that to get the 4GB RAM / 64GB storage model, you have to spend $199 (for the gold one), and up to $249 depending on the colour.

$199 = £165 and that is without delivery or ever seeing the phone in the flesh before you buy it.

The advertised $139 (£115) price is very misleading.

You can get a lot of phone from other companies for that price...there are plenty of posts on HUKD to prove this
personally I'm waiting for the new oukitel with 10,000 mah battery.
Ye its basically a copy of the iphone vs the s7, spec wise they are almost the same. Elephone make decent phones from what I have read but can be had cheaper than from direct from them
I have had an elephone p8000 and have now a p9000 i have been lucky as both have been good phones for me but not much in the way of accesories ect and if you have problems it would be a pain to return
The R9 looks a very good buy, Not sure if the muli use home button would be really handy or get annoying... Looking forward to seeing some reviews

People with Elephone phones what is OS like on them is it fairly stock ?
the elephone p9000 is the same as the bush e3x from argos by the look of it?
Had my my S7 x25 4GB blue afew days after, waited months for it. If I pick a launcher does not matter what one and install a livewall paper again it does not matter what one,with 5 minutes it gors back to the default back ground of the S7, so you can not customise it at all. If I pick outdoor sound there is no sound at all on the touch screen.If I use General sound setting, the sound only works 50% of the time,to get it work 100% you have to press the screen really hard..I waited so long for this phone and now wish I had gone for another make
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