Elf Yourself - Any Way of Capturing the Video ??

Dont know if this has been asked before but ive only just found the site. Trying to stick some photos of the 2 kids in and the missus was cracked up. Would love to send then to the grandparents so does anyone know a way of nabbing the vids without reg'ing and paying the hefty $4.99 per video. 5 vids thats a lot of cash. There must be a way of nabbing them so rep to anyone who can brighten up the missus's, kids and grandparents xmas :-)


was wondering if firefox and the youtube grabber would do it ?

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Hmm im only IE before anyone goes down the FF route :-(

PS theres a lot of 'howto' tutorials on google but most seem to take you to the same old piece of software... most probs virus ridden and links to it posted by the author.

Maybe someone who has done it can point in right direction ?

i just did it with one click with ff and video downloader
theres also a specific one called facebook video

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damn :-(

Does it capture the music aswell ?


damn :-(Does it capture the music aswell ?

yes and will also convert to any chosen format

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Ok so never used ff... do all those plugins come as standard ?

EDIT.. help m8 ! Have download ff, installed both facebook and video downloader... gone to youtube to test it... but how to you actually download them ?? Keep clicking but cant seem to work it out ?? :-/

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Any1 else help? Cant seem to get Firefox to grab the video ?

Like to know Jay how u done it. Ive downloaded all that you have said but cant find any way of getting it. Care to elaborate ??

Ok just tried this myself. In the FF toolbar there are 3 coloured rotating balls, beside them is a down arrow. Click that and if there's any downloadable content available it'll be in the list.

Edit: Doesn't appear to work with Elf Yourself.

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Yeah i just noticed that. Got some strange bloke when i tried to download just the video... so kids photos must be overlaid.

Any other way of capuring anyone knows of. I did get mentioned on my searches something called hypercam... but never heard of it.
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