Elf Yourself for Xmas...

    Got sent this link. Great fun! Elf youself & family then send around your friends.

    Hours of harmless fun!

    If you have got any good ones...why not post so eveyone can have a laugh!

    Heres ours!……109 :-D


    very good.
    Thanks for the laugh.

    Rep left…933

    thanks Rock, made the kids laugh!!!!!:thumbsup:
    rep left!


    That's fab :lol:
    Rep for you Fella

    Original Poster

    bitseylango Rock, made the kids … Rock, made the kids laugh!!!!!:thumbsup:rep left!

    Yeah good fun bitsey..Send it to yer friends!

    Cmon HUKD...Lets see yer elves!:-D

    Original Poster


    Some of our great leaders...

    Duck - you beat me to it.!!...Have started a comp celeb thread...hope you dont mind!:thumbsup:

    Here's me and my boys…412 :giggle:

    Very amusing and kids love it :thumbsup:


    (i made the dog into a elf he is never gonna forgive me hehe)

    lol i remember this from last year

    :? Iknow I have drunk alot but that looks like Pink, can't see any elvis

    lol yeah i pasted the wrong one on! LOL i will do it again! LMAO…097 try this one blooming hope you see my son as aka little elvis now lol

    Original Poster

    pcnutta try this one blooming hope you … try this one blooming hope you see my son as aka little elvis now lol

    Brill PCN. Elvis is great. Can i say you look a wee bit like that Cerys wifie on i'm a Celeb on that photo.

    Right guys ...someone reminded me about the Celebrity Elfing Comp thread. It got a total of [SIZE="3"]0[/SIZE] celebrity elf posts:-(

    Showing what a great subject it must have been...:giggle:

    In that case if no-one objects (and its ma ball anyway!) Ill chuck another tenner to Children In Need in lieu of the prize.

    Really enjoyed seeing family Elves!:thumbsup:

    Cheers xx

    this became so popular that vereyone seems to have sent it to me, it is great, so funny and sweet! make a present to your friends
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