Elgar £20 Note going out of circulation.

    Keep youre eye out for these before the end of June. I found 3 so they are still about.


    Thanks for posting wasn't aware of this!

    You can still deposit them into our bank account after the date has passed :thumbsup:


    Damn. I'm going to have to get all those suitcases down rom the loft to check now!

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    Thanks for posting wasn't aware of this!

    I saw it in the bank. I phoned my mate and he said it was advertised in the post office. It wasnt in my bank. They just display stupid leaflets saying they can save you money on youre insurance.

    Theres stil loads of them about. I dont think theyve even started pulling them in yet.

    youll still be able to pay them into your bank til the end of the year then after that i think you have to send them back to bank of england to get your £20.

    The shops at work have a sign about this at the tills, always make me chuckle as at the end it says "after the deadline please return any remaining notes to your nearest Bank of England"


    dont be too worried, your bank will take them for ages after, had a similar issue with some 50's a few years back
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