eligible for more compensation ?

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Found 19th Aug 2010
About 2 months ago someone crashed into the back of me causing me to not only lose time at my work but i also lost my bonus
I suffered major back pain as a result of this and i have been offered the total of £2500 as compensation, should i accept or am i eligible for more ?

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2 months that was a quick offer!

I would say in these days thats a good pay out.
I was in a 4 car pile up when I had 5 days till my babys due date. They had to call an ambulance out due to instant pains, I had to have a scan to make sure things were ok, I suffered back ache for weeks after. But difference was I was on maternity so didnt lose income like you.
I only got £1500, my 3 yr old DD got half of that and only had a big bruised arm!
Does the £2500 cover your income and bonus lost with a bit ontop?

Sorry to hear about the accident x

why did you lose your bonus in a non-fault claim?

yes is a good quick offer. I got mine when my son who I was pregnant with was 18 months old! lol

DAMNOME - I think op was referring to a bonus at work


DAMNOME - I think op was referring to a bonus at work

I'll get my coat

Original Poster

The offer does not include a bonus of around £500.00 that i lost due to being ill from work because of the accident

So if you take off your £500 bonus that you lost, so your being offered £2000 compo. Do you think this is adequate?

If the pain has gone now and your back to normal id take it.
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