Eliza Doolittle Pack Up CD SINGLE

Found 14th Aug 2010
Our eight week old daughter stops crying every time she hears this song (fact!) so i wanted to buy her a copy for when she is older and more problematic
I've been to the HMV in Mansfield and two nearest Broadmash in Nottingham and I can't find it.
If any one can get me a copy I will happily paypal gift for the CD and postage.
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go to tunechecker.com its 40p to download from Amazon.
Could someone not give you an invite to 'Spotify' ? It's on there & just stick it on repeat.
It is available online @ HMV.
i was actually looking for a cd single. it was released on cd 5 weeks ago but i have run out of ideas where to get it.
there is an 8track ep by also called pack up apparently but i want the cd single
thanks for your responses
is likingt he new rep by the way?
There's a Pack Up promo cd single for sale on Ebay, item number 270622167978. Hope that helps!
Has any one seen the cd single in the shop? They used to be a couple of quid.
I made an offer on the ebay promo but it was rejected
money is a bit tight so i don't want to buy the promo then find a bargain bin full of these singles somewhere!
plus the song really isn't very good
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