EllaStoreUK - anyone used it before?

    Looking to buy a computer from PC world but it is £35 cheaper on this site. I've never heard of it though and can't find any reviews. Has anyone used it before?



    Maybe post the computer model, and someone may be able to find it as cheap but from a more well known site :thumbsup:

    Looking at the alexa data, i would personally avoid

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    Yeah I didn't like the look of it...cheers for having a look though.

    This is the PC…g=p

    The first and 3rd arent correct so £400 from PC world would be the next cheapest...

    Ive got it down to £379 at PC World with this code for you 'DSKTP5':thumbsup:



    and as to EllaStoreUK everything is above aboard and i should know im the owner of the site.
    and as to my alexa rank you shouldnt judge a site by it rank like you shouldnt judge a book by it cover and if you have a problem with my company come to me. email and address is avaliable and so is my phone number.

    final note all items ordered are supplied with a tracking number when dispatched

    and you wont find the computer if its the one i think it is
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