Elliptical ground to halt.

    I got an elliptical from eBuyer 3 months ago, I have been happily using it most days all this time and never had a problem with it. Last night though as I started to use it it started to make this grinding noise by the flywheel, after a few minutes I hopped off to see if I could see what was going on, I couldn't see any thing obvious (since it's inside a plastic case and totally unaccessible) so I hopped back on and the darn thing just wouldn't move at all. Even on the lowest resistance level it's just solid now, won't shift.

    It's a long shot I know but does any one have any ideas or suggestions as to what happened? Has the flywheel come lose? has the magnetic thingy broken? Any suggestions on an easy fix?



    is it driven by mains ?
    i have had many a elliptical problem lol, best to unscrew the casing and take a look, maybe the belt may have slipped on the wheel, may need lubrication on the nuts which hold the flywheel on , nutas being the inner ones which enable it to spin with the pedals.
    check your manual for diagram of the flywheel to pedal componant first it may give you advice on maintenance.
    failing not finding anything solvable, return to ebuyer for replacement its still under warranty.

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    It's not mains driven.
    I have also had many an elliptical issue, this is my 3rd machine in 5 months! Pain in the bloomin bottom.

    In order to get to the flywheel I will literally have to dismantle the whole machine, and then 'open up' something that I am sure is not meant to be opened up by your average joe, so doing that makes me very nervous...I am worried I might proper break it and spoil the warranty etc, I don't want to risk ebuyer not accepting it back. eep.

    I have already been in touch with ebuyer, they basically just said return it...we don't do repairs and since we no longer sell that machine we won't replace it.

    Helpful as ever ebuyer.

    yes probly best not to open it if it seems it may break further make sense. great you get a refund but ahhh no machine , i would die, i can recommend a very good firm form where i have my current machine and it had been in action for over a year now without to much issues except from some teathers when first got it, but they are fab company who called to my house and fixed it or if they took it back to shop they left me a replacement.
    let me know if you would like their details i will dig out the number for you.

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    Thanks Katya1971, I am dieing here...I use it 5 days a week normally and I don't have a gym membership or anything so I am stuck not knowing what to do with myself! Hopefully I will be able to get a replacement soon but I don't know where to get one from, I can only really spare £100 on it at most and a part from ebuyer I don't really know any where that sells them for a similar price...all the big sports stores want a lot more more them.

    I'd love to take a look at the company you mentioned though

    bless you hunny, you be carful using it so often as you will damagwe your knees, which i have almost done! i got a bit carried away when i got my first one and used it like a nutter..oh yes i was fit as hell lol but then my knees started to ache so now only use it every other day.
    this company also stock massive range of spares for repair so you wont really have to buy another one for some many many yaers, unforunatly they are not in the £100 bracket but if you calculate they cost of a few cheap machines against one good well made more expensive one and the stress caused when it goes pants up, i am ghlad i made the right decision.
    i have looked at there website and seems they only have two ellipticals avalible at the moment , but my best advise would be to call the direct and ask if they have any other stock, be aware it says they are refurbished but i got a new one which when it arrived i didnt like to returned it for the better model and paid the diffrence this was also brand new flat packed dont be put off with the refurbished thing.
    very nice people always ring you back if you have any problems, and they are the sole makers/suppliers for tanturi/bremshey.
    i know them as bolton sitirling…tml
    this is the web page, but call them on 0)115 981 0205 say they were recommended to you.
    i got the bremshey orbit control for a very resonable price. if you explain your very sad story im sure they will work somthing out for you.

    :oops:so sorry for spelling im slightly dyslexic
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