Elonex ONE t+ and Wifi

    My Elonex finally came today but it will not connect through my wifi. The only way to the internet is by cable to my router. Has anyone had better success.
    IP address invalid is the error message.


    what router?

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    NETGEAR rangemax ADSL modem wireless router DG834PN

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    Spoke to the Support desk, it’s a common fault with units sent out recently.
    Told me to download a recovery image from there website…htm
    Unzip, put on flash drive and run on Elonex.

    Hope this helps anyone else with this problem however there website is so clogged up it says it’s going to take 15hours to download.

    Haven't rec'd our one yet. Can't wait for more issues. Maybe a specific "Problems With Your New Elonex Laptop" thread would be appropriate.

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    Given up and sending unit back to Elonex for a refund. I down loaded their new OS and it made no difference.
    It is a good looking sysytem but the OS is flawed.

    We had the same problem but I managed to overcome it.

    In the WiFi settings you can tick a box or radio button* (2nd option) which makes several empty IP address boxes available to edit. Set the Netmask one to and the first one* to any IP. This can be anything you like as long as it doesn't match any other devices in your home network. IP addresses take the form of 4 numbers ranging from 0 to 255 separated by dots - from up to Once you've set these you change the tickbox or radio button option back to what it was before (1st option). Hope that helps somebody!

    Now we've got it working it's a fantastic product for the money.

    * Sorry to be so unspecific - this is from memory.
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