Elonex Scaleo Barebone questions

    Hia there I've been looking at this…iew

    at ebuyer, it seems like quite a good piece of kit for a bargain price, however I've got some questions about it first:

    1. Will it output via Scart to a telly? (As my telly doesn't have VGA etc.)
    2. Would I be able to use 2 of these in it…876

    Hope you can help. Tim


    1. No Integrated graphics rarely have an output that can go to Scart, you'd need another card for this, most cheap graphics card have S-Video Out

    2. Should do, it has 4 PCI slots to upgrade with

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    yes but look at the back of it in the 3d mode and zoom in. it says TV on the right hand side scart. Which is why I'm unsure.

    Also wouldn't I have to use a riser card?

    Holy cow so it does!

    1. Yes, you can also consider getting a graphics card that supports ]VIVO so that you can output using Component

    The video output to connect to TV is S-video ]http//en…deo

    with regards to the TV cards, the software included may only allow one instance of the software to be active at a time, you are better off getting this ]http//ww…571]http//ww…411 although you may be able to find a cheaper alternative product.

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    Thanks for pointing out the dual tuner, I only did two becuase I couln't finda dualy ones cheap enough. Rep being left.

    Yes but as its got scart on the back will I be able to connect it to a tv using it? Its an old philips 28" crt i think so it won't have component.

    It's built into it so it's pretty much guaranteed :thumbsup:

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    What if its not though? lol

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    anybody there?


    anybody there?

    Hey i've just arrived this thread because i was thinking of building a media pc asd saw this at ebuyer. Thought i'd check previous listings to see if it was submitted as a deal before i did, it's up to you if you want to submit it (now at £81.98, not sure how much it was when you looked at it), if it gets to the front page i'm sure we'll get a lot more help off other people.

    Anyway did you get round to buying it and if so what are your impressions of it. The main thing i want to know is how quiet is the 250w PSU?
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