eM Client question regarding security - can anyone help???

Found 2nd Feb 2016
Hi y'all. Yep, I know I should post a question to the eM Client support forum but it's been down for a while now. Therefore, I thought I'd ask on my favourite shopping website instead! Hehe. Anyway, to the issue at hand:

I've never happened upon this situation before so I'm in 'dark territory' so to speak. I installed eM Client on my Win8.1 computer a while back and it's been a fantastic replacement for Outlook Express - up until now. I am having security issues with it and I'm not sure how to proceed. I know nothing about "certificates" and t'other day a window popped up telling me:

"eM Client can't verify identity of "pop3.xxxxxx.co.uk - the host name doesn't match the name in the certificate."

It then goes on to tell me that I may be connecting to a server that is pretending to be the real thing etc. Very worrying, of course but it lists the server details (which all seem above board) and the certificate details, including the expiry date of 21/12/2018 - so it's current. Furthermore, it gives me clickable options of "Connect" "Do not connect" or "Show certificate." I viewed the certificate and; again; it all looks kosher. Issued by Thawte and up-to-date. I desperately needed to check for an Email so I asked it to connect anyway (yeah, I know - maybe a silly move) and everything seemed fine. It does ask me every time I fire it up though.

I'm not sure where to start as nothing had been "updated" lately regarding the client software. I could understand a problem if an update failed to install correctly but nothing (that I am aware of) has changed. Perhaps something at the server end has changed and that's why the software is hiccupping but I really wouldn't have a clue how to proceed with that.

So, any Email guru's out there with the knowledge to point me in the right direction? All assistance greatly received.
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