EMA to be replaced with a new bursary scheme..... Does anybody know more about this?

    It doesn't say much; From September 2011, EMA will be replaced with a new £180m bursary scheme. If you’re aged between 16 and 19 years and face financial hardship while you’re in full-time education you may receive a bursary.
    Schools, colleges and training providers will be responsible for awarding bursaries to students. For most bursaries they decided on the amount, when it is paid and whether it’s linked to behaviour or attendance, except for those most in need.
    Those most in need, such as those in care, care leavers or those claiming income support will be guaranteed a bursary of £1,200.

    What other traits would put you as 'most in need'?
    I think it's a good idea, and it would really help me when I go to college.


    Its less than a third of the pot of money that was allocated to EMA, so it might not help you!

    Good more money for those in real need.

    Get a part time job it helps.

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    I'll try and get a part time job, I'm not 16 yet, but will start looking soonish...

    Just an alternative which is going to be abused.

    I know people who live in large properties and drive top of the range cars, their kids get it. I also know people who work hard to live modestly and their kids don't.

    Personally I think all assistance should be abolished in this area. Like roadrunner says get a part time job.

    If there has to be something give them free passes for lunch and travel not cash.


    Good more money for those in real need. Get a part time job it helps.

    Don't think it will be, £1200 a year sound like the limit and I think thats the same as the current rate anyway - so really its at best close to the same for those 'in real need' (ie on income support) and less chance of getting anything if you're not...

    the old EMA system was very much abused, this one hopefully will work out better for those students that need it, though I think they should be given vouchers instead of cash.
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    OP why would it really help you while at college? Because your lazy? Or because its the easy option?Get a part time job! You'd be better off in the long run!
    I worked evenings in asda while at college and it served me well because they bent over backward to accommodate me when I went away to university. I could work summers in my home store and term time at a store in my University town.
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