Emachines Laptop how to restore to original state??

Found 16th Jun 2010
Please help my laptop is really playing up just want to restore to original state. How do i do it? I seem to have hard drive in 2 partitions both 70Gb only stores data on the one is this normal?

I tried a restore to earlier point butstill get issues i dont see an option to restore to as new?

Laptop is an Emachines EMG720

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yeah storing data on one of the partitions is normal, I dont think you can restore to new, all you can do is find the earliest restore point and do it to that, what I would try is, google the problem you are having and you might find a way to sort it out, if all fails then you would need to reinstall the operating system, in your case it could be windows xp or vista or whatever reinstalling will take it back to a new, but you gotta reinstall drivers and back up your data before doing it as it all gets deleted, hope this helps

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thanks for help i tried googling but no help i not got Vista CD? Restore point does not go back far enough?

you need to get a vista cd or a recovery cd, TBH I have only ever reinstalled windows xp on my pc when I got a virus you definitely need a cd to reinstall vista im guessing you have got some sort of virus etc, goodluck with it hopefully someone more knowledgable will reply to you!

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i sorted ig alt & f10 on startup thanks for help

great stuff im glad you sorted it all the best

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great stuff im glad you sorted it all the best

thanks im back on added rep:thumbsup:
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