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    Can anyone help me.

    I want to view my email account that i have on my PC on my laptop and i am usure how to set the email account up on the laptop to enabale me to do this.

    Thanks in advance.



    Tell us your username, password, email address and ISP and we'll see what we can do!!!

    Can be confusing - that's why I use web-based email (like Hotmail) needing just a simple log-in on ANY web connected computer.

    Someone on here can probably show you the way.

    depending on your email client and your isp. Log into your ISP account website and see if they have an export email settings, this generally takes the form of a registry file which you double click and import allow etc.

    note down any password for email account from when you are logged into your isp website /account if after merging registry file it asks when trying to check mail

    on your laptop log in to the relevent internet provider, check the web paged on your desktop

    so yahoo/ (i think it is) for bt
    aol etc

    you should then be asked for your user name and password and hey presto there you go

    Firstly ,what are you using to view your emails on your PC?? Are you using a POP3 account with Outlook Express ?? If you are ,it will be easy to export your settings from one PC to another or Laptop. Some people use Webmail , I do with a Hotmail acount , you dont have any settings on your PC ,you just log on to a website .
    Anyway ,if you go to your PC ,goto Outlook Express and view the ACCOUNTS part in the menu .You can highlight the account and export onto a pendrive/floppy or whatever.The file will be a .iaf file ,this contains your pop3/smtp settings ,together with the username and password. Everything you need in just one file .On your laptop ,open up your Outlook Express ,goto ACCOUNTS and on the right you will see import .Find the .iaf file from your pendrive etc and it will import the settings .You will now be able to check for emails and download them instantly to Outlook Express.
    Of course , if your not using Outlook Express , I've just wasted 5 mins of my time explaining what not to do !

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    Many thanks to all who replied.

    Rep added.
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