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Found 28th Nov 2007

Not really a deal request but I couldn't find a more appropriate place to ask.

I used to be on Orange dial-up internet, now on Virgin Cable Broadband. In order to keep the Orange account active I need to dial-up at least once every 259 days, I forgot of course!. I only want to keep Orange active so that I can keep receiving emails on my old email addy.

I went to the Orange website and restored my account. Now images don't show in my emails. All I get is boxes and red crosses. This is regardless of wether the emails are Orange or Virgin Cable.

Another annoyance is that Internet Explorer now won't load pages any more (I mainly use Firefox but it's still annoying), all I get is an error message saying " Forbidden!, You were denied acccess because: Access denied by access control list ".

I've searched through Outlook Express' settings and can't find what I need to change to get images back.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated, thanks.

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Anyone help me out please

Wish I could help but I am not so great with the old PC, perhaps you aught to post this in the Miscellaneous form???

Have a look at this:


You could also try setting up a new ISP with your original orange details. Do this through network connections - create new connection.

if you go through firefox it doesnt usually support images from my experience

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Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated. Rep all round.

It's sorted now. Don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. Just Googled "Access denied by access control list" and got this:


Reply 9 fixed it. Just unticked the proxy and I'm sorted.

Thanks again all.
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