Email and working on the move - Blackberry et al Mobile Office/Phone Questions

If I carried round my archos 604, my nokia 770, my blackberry, my laptop, my n95, i'd loose the plot.

101 and 1 email acconts, and things are getting so hard to centralise and organise.

Does anyone have any god advice on how they manage and access email, and what they recommend for the job? Blackberry's? Tablet?

I pretty much want to do every thing that the devices at the top do all in one, which I know is wishful thinking. Ill give you a penny for your 2 cents worth? :-)

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Ill give you a penny for your 2 cents worth?

That's the current exchange rate.

I hate to say it, but iPhone. It costs a lot, but as I'm sure many people will tell you - it's seems well worth it. The internet viewer (a special version of safari) works a treat, absolutely amazing to browse websites on. The email program will let you set up multiple email accounts that are POP or IMAP, there's a good music player if you need it, I believe it will open certain types of documents and it even has maps on it too. The contract includes unlimited data usage (subject to you not taking the pee-pee of course).

HTH. Duck.
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