Found 21st Nov 2016
When I receive an e-mail attachment it comes down as an internet file even though it was sent as a PDF, so when I click on it I can't open it does anyone know how to open with PDF option, I'm using window live mail TIA

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What is the attachment like and do you have security permission to open pdf attachments from email ?

Save it first...basically download it... Open a program capable of viewing a pdf. Click open file. Select the saved pdf from wherever you saved it to. If you can't see a way to save it try right clicking on attachment with the mouse for saving options .

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It's any attachment comes through as the internet file, wven if it's sent through as a PDF, and when I save them they save as an internet file, which I can't open

Just install Adobe Acrobat Reader it's free, and everything should then open.

Firstly I would only open an attachment if I was expecting one from a known source (and don't be fooled by ghosting emails - where an email address appears to be from somebody in your contacts)

AFAIK both Chrome and Microsoft Egde have inbuilt pdf viewers so if it's a case that the attachment is a pdf and neither of the two browsers open when you click the attachment then the problem must be file type association

Download and scan for malware/virus - if it doesn't open on clicking then right click - open with and possible options should appear (depending what OS you are using)

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Just install Adobe Acrobat Reader it's free, and everything should then open.

I already have this installed, thanks for the reply though
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