Email opened was not from friend possible spam or worse

    A friend sent me an email which i opened on my iphone. It then turned out later that day that it was not from her at all. The website seemed to be one of those viagra sites.
    Is this just some sort of spam or is there a potential virus or security risk to my phone now.
    Is there anything i should do. I deleted it immediately but it had been opened. I do use log in details for sites on my iphone and worried there may be someone seeing my passwords now.
    Any advice would be appreciated.


    I may be wrong but most email spyware and viruses are designed to run on windows so it shouldnt affect your phone.

    On top of that most viruses are caught by clicking dodgy links or opening dodgy files

    if you didnt click a link or open a file you will be fine.

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    was the viagra a decent price?

    u got e.coli

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    Not sure about the viagra price, never had to get my partner to buy some. Maybe bookmark for the future lol. However i do seem to get a few emails about viagra. Maybe he has been getting some on the sly without letting me know.
    No other than open it I didnt open any attachments etc. As I deleted it off my iPhone it didn't get onto my net book.
    Thank you for your reassurance.
    Magic beans..the only thing touching cucumbers in our house at the moment is my sons pet snail so think we are safe.

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    Thanks dcx_badass just seen your reply.

    Ditto what everyone else said, you didnt click on the link so don't worry.
    I get these all the time, Ive had about 5 sent from friends emails and I get them every half hour to my junk box.

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    Thank you Nikki I got 3 or 4 others from the same friend so now know not to worry.
    One good thing out of this is that I didn't realise you can delete emails on iPhone without opening them.
    Its probably something everyone knows except me but in case anyone doesn't if you side swipe from left to right the unwanted email you get the delete button. Previously I have always opened them and then put in the bin.

    yeah that's a hard one to swallow

    iphones cant get viruses!


    iphones cant get viruses!

    Dont talk rubbish, of course they can.
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