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    i have currently just got the password for my gmail account and it had over 1800 spam emails. i have the option to change that to @gmail now instead of @googlemail but I was wondering if i could start fresh and not recieve all these spam emails when i switch. I dont want to create a new one either.

    Thanks for any help.



    If you have a common name like Smith, John you will get spam so change it to something like gnaids3453


    Don't use google sorry, but wouldn't think so.

    there is no difference between gmail and googlemail addresses. Try emailing yourself and you should still get stuff at both addresses... You can always trace in future where your spam comes from though...

    You can use +addresses on either, for example if you are [email protected] and you entered your email here you could put [email protected], you receive mail as normal but it comes with the identifier... if the email address was sold on you could see where it was sold from... that may help.


    easier to just start a new gmail address and email your contacts the new one

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    Can't do what i wanted to do so I created a new one. Thanks for everyone help.


    and get in the habit of marking spam as spam within gmail as they do a great job of preventing future spam
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