Email to iphone. Does same email also go to computer?

    Partner recently got an iphone which with help from this site we have got working wifi etc.
    My question now is if we set up his iphone to receive his email will the same email go to his laptop as well. We are hoping it will. He wants to be able to just check his email on the iphone and reply to any urgent ones but then deal with the rest when he gets home on his laptop. Obviously for this he wants them to come in to his laptop as well.
    Thanks in advance. He is not overun with emails so the best scenario would be for both iphone and laptop to receive them all.


    yes, iPhone reads the server but doesnt mark it as read, so your PC outlook will still get it when you send/recieve..

    the porter;6495158

    yes it will

    +1 if he reads it on his phone it will be marked as read on the pc too.

    sorry but i lold

    Yep...on my iPhone as I write this, great for getting emails on the go and then again when on PC tonight

    emails that come through to the iphone stay on the server so that you can get them on your pc too.


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    Thanks guys thats what we were hoping for.
    Rep'd you all.
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