are you actually participating in HUKD's apprentice, and come to think of it theres a few other that aint bothered either


    Tell his mum....

    (or ask her...maybe he's been sent to bed without his tea)

    Original Poster Banned

    chuffin top dog my butt, he aint been bloddy seen since his 5 minute stint last night


    he aint been bloody seen since his 5 minute stint last night

    Be about right for a boy his age & an experienced woman like yourself Sass!!?!?

    having team troubles?

    Original Poster Banned


    having team troubles?

    not really, just after him saying on here, about his team, and this and that, he showed up for 10 mins and thats it - lol

    but no we are doing really well, even though we seem to be running a very small team

    what is the HUKD apprentice?

    sassie - any chance of coming in as a sub?

    Original Poster Banned


    sassie - any chance of coming in as a sub?

    it is a shame that probaby a few missed out

    any sign yet?

    Is this still going? Judging by the lack of tantrums on the boards, I guess not.
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