Embarrasing request! Dare you reply? "Mould your own..."


Bit of an embarrassing request, but it's something my girlfriend wants and I thought it'd be a pretty funny present. Maybe for Valantines? Hopefully you guys will have a sense of humour about this, I remember how popular the "love duck" was! :whistling:

Anyway, I'm after one of these (WARNING: the following link contains images of replica genitalia!):

Now after a bit of research (penismolding), I found that it's worth spending a bit for quality because I don't want a dodgy ebay kit causing chemical damage down there!! :?

Anyway, it looks like I'm going to have to fork out a fair bit of cash for this as I can't find any UK suppliers offering anything as good (or any cheaper for that matter).

[INDENT]Some prices from makeyourowndildo.com:

Single vibrating kit - $79.95 (= £40.73)

Combo 2x vibrating kits - $129.95 (= £66.22)

UK Shipping - $18.95 (= £9.65)

[/INDENT]They offer free shipping on orders over $100 to US residents, this dosen't apply to me, but I sent the following email to them, just to try and blag an extra few quid off:

[SIZE=1]Hi, Your penis mould product looks brilliant and I am very close to ordering.

I live in the UK and obviously do not apply for free shipping (over $100) As the cheapest shipping option would cost me $18 (too much for you to discount).

However, I notice that US residents would benefit from a $5.90 saving.

Would it be possible to receive a similar saving on my total price if I was to spend over $100?

I was only looking for one single vibrating kit. But because of the additional saving when buying a "combo" aswell as the fact am already paying for UK shipping, I am tempted to purchase the "COMBO Make Your Own Vibrating Dildo Kits ™" for $129.95

If I could benefit a little, like your $5.90 saving offer for US residents, then that would definately swing the deal for me.

At the moment, the order total is $148.90.

Thank you for reading.

Kind Regards,

P.S. Oh, sorry but could you also clear up one thing for me?

Is the vibrating kit EXACTLY the same as the non-vibrating one, except with an additional part? I.E. could I opt to loose the vibrator and just make a regular dildo, if I bought the vibrator kit?

Thank you.[/SIZE]

Can anyone advise me on.. Well.. Anything really. Has anyone bought, or does anyone "know someone" who has bought one? ;-)

Am I paying to much?

I will probably end up going for the double pack... I only really want one, but the "combo" is quite tempting due to the savings plus the fact I'd be paying the same high shipping either way.

I could go halves on the double though if someone else wants one! :-D


Jesus! Is that the time??? I've got to leave for work in 4 hours! I'll be back (blurry-eyed) in the evening to hold my head in my hands and regret ever staying up late enough to write such an embarrasing post. ...I think I know what my new years resolution will be... Never post after 2AM!


I don't know anything about the subject, so don't know how good these are...but I know a UK site that sells them for you to check out!


lovehoney 2448
lovehoney 1135
lovehoney 5274

I actually came across a few of these on ebay a while back (I was doing a clean search!) and I think they were going for about £30 upwards...but I wouldn't trust ebay with this sort of thing!

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Thanks for the replies. Lovehoney do the one I was actually looking at for about £50. I'm still tempted to buy the double pack from the US site and try to sell the spare on ebay as it doesn't cost that much more. A spare may be handy to as I would be annoyed if I spent £50 then ******ed the cast up.

That lovehunny site has some much cheaper options though so maybe it's something I should spend less on, it is a joke present afterall, although at the same time, its a present that I'd appreciate if it did get some use.

I wouldn't want to trust ebay either.

I havn't had a reply from my email to makeyourowndildo, I think asking for a $5.90 discount (exactly the same as americans get) is a fair enough request. We'll see.

Tried Anne Summers?

p.s love the fact that 160 people have viewed this thread but only about 3 have replied :P

Removed links as it's a family forum :santa:

Good luck!

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Removed links as it's a family forum :santa:Good luck!


And thanks.


Removed links as it's a family forum :santa:Good luck!

You're joking right?

:thinking: :thinking:

No not joking :santa: It is a family forum and adults can work out the URL's simply if they need too


Sorry.And thanks.

That's okay :-D No problem and Thanks you too!

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You're joking right?:thinking: :thinking:

They were pretty rude. It's fair enough, this isn't an 18+ forum. The company names are still there and are google searchable.
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