embarrassing present for nephew

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Found 10th Dec 2016
Hi. I always give my nephew a suitably embarrassing gift to open in front of his grandmother and I have run out of ideas.

Previous years were a pussy magnet, an S&M colouring book, rude mugs. Does anyone have any great ideas? Budget is around £10. Thanks as always

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grow up?

where's the deal lol

Wrong section...

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Good evening plumfin, I have moved the thread to Ask, hopefully members will be able to help you

Ummmm a vibrator? Lol

willy care kit.

butt plug?!

Swear word colouring book or a fleshlight.

Fem fresh

an STI? before you judge lol amazon do teddy STI things, someone got given chlamidia at work the other day lol
there was also a grow your own hairy beaver listed on there the other day

Tshirt with an inappropriate slogan

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Good evening plumfin, I have moved the thread to Ask, hopefully members … Good evening plumfin, I have moved the thread to Ask, hopefully members will be able to help you

Sorry I thought I posted it in there. Many thanks.

A clone your willy kit/cast

Adult game like manogamy?

Grow Your Own Hairy Beaver Kit (£5.99 Prime or + £3.99) Sold By Findmeagift, Fulfilled by Amazon

A Willy warmer it is getting cold after all

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Great ideas thanks all

One year I hot my brother a **** enlargement kit, was hilarious when he opened it it front of all the family! Think it cost a tenner at the time


mini blow up doll
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I once bought my ex mother in law a giant blue dildo. There are so many things of that nature you could get.



I suppose this is no worse than what I used to do as a young teen.

A group of us would loiter near the local "Private" shop and randomly shoulder charge younger boys through the entrance, then hold the door shut.

There was another way out, but it meant going through the whole length of the store, past a big display of plastic, inflatable women, all staring at you and going "O"

Ann Summers gift card.

Inflatable sheep

How about some "Below the Belt" grooming products amazon.co.uk/s/?…w_b

Candy thong

prank winning scratchcards are popular amongst idiots.

An STI testing kit.
Available free at a GP surgery. It's probably a good idea he gets tested anyway as some STIs go unnoticed and lead to long term health problems.
Plus he will cringe.
Two birds, one stone....yeah....I just said that...although it's probably been more than two birds X)
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