Emblaze Touch 7 Firmware Upgrade and Warranty

    For those who bought the Emblaze Touch 7 from the Link last month, the following might be of interest.

    If like me you have found that you cannot add new words to the T9 dictionary, then it looks like your phone has an old version of firmware. The user guide clearly states how to do this but it does not work on my phone.

    Sop last night I emailed Emblaze's importers in the UK (not DSG) and had a reply at ten past nine this morning offering to flash the phone with a new firmware by return of post.

    Not sure what other features may be enabled in a newer firmware.

    Now obviously this should be a service they offer, but i was impressed by the response time in answering emails and the fact that they will turn the phone around in a few days. The bid mobile companies can take weeks.

    The contact details are actually via the importers - European Telecom and they can be contacted at e[email protected] .

    Also they did confirm that the Emblaze web site is incorrect in stating that the Touch 7 is only covered b y a 28 day warranty. It is in fact 12 months. The 28 days refers to DSGs 28day DOA warranty.

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