Embroidered Apron

    I'm running a recipe competition and had the thought of having an apron embroidered with the logo of the competition and a suitable bit of text as the prize. There are seemingly loads of sites offering this kind of service, but wondered if anyone has anyone the can recommend or know is pretty cheap?

    An odd request I know...


    the problem/issue with doing this kind of one-off thing is that for embroidery you have a one off set-up charge (the origination charge) which is a price dependent on the number of stiches in your design. it is roughly about £10 per 1000 stiches for a good digitizer - not all digitizers are the same... generally the cheapest will give you the most bother with designs - its an art form which most people do not appreciate.

    If you already have the design and text in machine disk form - then your laughing!

    Send it up to me and ill do it (the embroidery) for free if you arrange postage and everythng!

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    Thanks for the offer. Sent you a PM to discuss further.
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