Embroidered badges on School Uniforms / Jumpers

    My sons school as recently changed its name and have a whole new uniform.We have all been given school uniform for each child,however the black v neck jumpers we been given are really poor quality.I call up the shop doing the uniform today and asked how much they and they said they cost about £12. This is the worst jumper you could see and its dead rough,I only pay low prices for uniforms,last time with white polo tops they were £1 each down QS and when they get marked pulled stained with paint,you can just chuck away instead of washing.Anyway I also asked at the shop would they put the badge on the jumper if you bought elsewhere and they said yes it be £6,this is such a rip off but at least with £3-4 for a jumper thats way better quality it is better than paying out £12. My daughter due to start school in September and there is no way she could wear one of their jumpers due to excema.
    So does anyone know any sites where I could get the school badge put on jumper for less? I'm not sure how it works,I guess this shop got some template for the machine,could somewhere do it from the design if I supplied a picture of the badge on the jumper we got here.Or is there a shop nationwide branches where I could get this done?

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