Emergency charger kit for Mobile Phone

    I was walking around the shops today and noticed an emergency charger kit which can be used with quite a large range of mobile phones and I thought it might be quite a useful thing to have.

    Unfortunately the one they had there doesn't support my phone since I have Sony Ericsson Xperia so I need one with a usb to mini-usb cable.

    Does anybody know where I would be able to get one relatively cheaply?



    Please don't take this wrong but if your phone is old just buy a cheap second battery Good Luck

    Original Poster

    And please don't take this the wrong way, but I think some minimal research will show you that my phone is not old, far from it in fact.

    Try to help and get insulted :p:p:p

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    I wasn't insulting you mate, sorry, the truth is that my phone is a fancy Windows PDA-type device, but the downside of that is that the battery life is fairly cack so I'm just looking to carry around a backup in case of emergencies really.

    OK Then peace is back. Soz so many phones on the daughter has a Blackberry Bold that she has another battery for, the other has a iphone again a second battery and poor me I have a company phone that plugs into the car. I just got them another battery it was easier and here is a kiss xxxx

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    Thanks mate.

    I think another battery may be the answer, it's just that I saw this little mobile charger device, and I've got to be honest, it looked quite cool really, plus I think an official battery for this particular phone could set me back quite a bit.
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