Emergency: need to buy a shed for as cheap as possible.

    Hi everyone,

    I've unfortunately suffered a bad patch patch with selling stock and can unfortunately, no longer afford to pay £300 a month for warehouse fees (spent over £5,000 already just on the warehouse), so now i'm looking at getting a shed asap and store the stock in there.

    I need the shed to be around 12ft x 8ft or can be a little smaller if the height is around 8ft as well, can anyone recommend any cheap reliable stores that would sell sheds at a good price or if they know somewhere that would sell materials for a low price?

    Thanks a lot to any help offered, it's an emergency, as my funds are now approaching an all time low.


    Adtrader has some,but don't know your postcode,but they have some even free.:)


    try your local freecycle, a friend of mine has got 2 sheds in the past for free!

    Wicks? Homebase (take an OAP for even more discounts :P)
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