emergency services car lease/buy

    Is anyone in the emergency services and used a car lease or buying service for a discount?

    There's a myriad of information online so any first hand experiences would be appreciated! Thanks


    I'm not aware of much that will beat a 2.9% Sainsbury's bank loan to buy a used car.
    *Credit rating dependant
    I have no idea on lease vehicles though as we didn't want to lease one.

    Not emergency services, but have worked for a few companies with scheme's, worth shopping around as usually the terms arent great before the discount anyway if with certain companies.

    Motor source is pretty good. They do emergency services and NHS

    hyundai offer the affinity scheme. I got 3000 off an i40 then used a Tesco loan at 3.3% to pay for it. dealer was great and 5 years warranty

    Our organisation uses through a salaryplan where the costs are removed at source, and therefore tax free. The plans themselves are fully inclusive of all maintenance, tax and insurance (including tyres even). Very easy and convenient plans, however from the cars i looked at, and the miles required, wasnt particulary cheap.
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