Posted 1st Mar
Hi, I want to book a flight with Emirates for December for a family of four, but the current prices are out of my budget.
Does anyone know if the prices will drop closer to time?
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Have you used kayak it gives price advice. December can be expensive flights wise. Maybe it’s worth searching to see if a different airline fly the route you need? Flight prices are a total lottery.
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You can set up a price alert on skyscanner. Flight prices are a law unto them selves. I normally pay £400 to £450 for Emirates flights to India but have seen the same flights at. £1300. Flight prices are usually lowest when you book 10 to 12 months in advance but sometimes they have sales durring the year. Emirates are our favorite airline.
December is expensive by default, especially the second half. However, Christmas Day is the cheapest within that period.
Try different airports if u can. In December last year the prices were sky high(School holidays) but we managed to find a really good deal by changing airport.
my mum used to fly with emirates long haul and they often have sales on. the travel agent would always alert her when the sale is on so you may be able to sign up to sales alert on their site.

generally flight tickets become more expensive within 6 months of departure so you need to buy the tickets before you get into that time zone.
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