Emma, I see you are still fifth on the……php


    I have not looked at that in ages steve. I though it ended at the end of August. And the judges told me it would be on the best tips, never mind who got the most hits :confused:

    Original Poster

    I wondered if you had heard anything?


    4. The prize draw will take place on 1st Sept 2006 and the winner will be notified via email within 7 days following the prize draw.
    [*]][COLOR=#0000ff]mountainwiccan[/COLOR] ( 98 | 3323
    [*]][COLOR=#0000ff]Adstring[/COLOR] ( 22 | 32805)
    [*]][COLOR=#0000ff]Charlimcbean[/COLOR] ( 73 | 13347)
    [*]][COLOR=#0000ff]miripip[/COLOR] ( 10 | 1719)
    [*]][COLOR=#810081]emmajk42[/COLOR] ( 25 | 1397):thumbsup:[/LIST]

    Nope, not heard anything. Unless the email went to my spam filter, from which I just deleted 180 messages!!!!!!!!!No!!!!!!!!!!!

    My tips weren't that great, I doubt I've won.


    We think you're fab - with your posts anyway. Regards.

    lol...emma towards the end you seemed to get pretty desperate !

    "Some people say that a change is as good as a rest - swap bedrooms with the kids or move into the spare room then make the kids do ALL the ][COLOR=#0000ff]chores[/COLOR]! It'll be like a mini-][COLOR=#0000ff]holiday[/COLOR], with all the comforts of ][COLOR=#0000ff]home[/COLOR]!" that's EVER gonna happen !!!:(

    "A major cause of discomfort during your ][COLOR=#0000ff]flight[/COLOR] is dehydration, which can be brought on by the very dry air on ][COLOR=#0000ff]board[/COLOR] the ][COLOR=#0000ff]plane[/COLOR]. To reduce this, ][COLOR=#0000ff]drink[/COLOR] plenty of ][COLOR=#0000ff]water[/COLOR] during the ][COLOR=#0000ff]flight[/COLOR], especially if ][COLOR=#0000ff]travel[/COLOR]ling to long-haul destinations." :grin: :roll:

    good luck though, i hope you win !!!


    I think if I'd won, I would have heard by now. But they didn't announce a winner on the website...
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