Found 23rd Jun 2006
Emma, why the change of avatar?

You trying to scare people now! :lol:

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LMAO!! You are eagle-eyed.

Emma lost the other one, so if anyone else has it save in their browser cash or something then she might like it back, lol.

I'm changing back to my regular when England get knocked out of the world cup, so treasure it whilst it's there. And if they win I'll keep the football one for a whole month, lol.

For some reason my old one disappeared off the server, but only Ray could see it!!!

Is the new one too scary? !

It's hard to find a good one that fits the size requirements of the site :P

Original Poster

Bit scary Emma - Grim Reaper.

Hope this doesn't mean you are going to "kill" hot deals and save the for yourself!! :lol: :wink:

Nah, I'll find "killer deals" for everyone...

It's a pretty big change from the last one emma! From fuzzy hippy to grim reaper...


I'm a schizo

My name is now Sadie.

Original Poster


Original Poster

Emma I agree with Admin. Think it's too big a change the "fuzzy hippy" image suits you much better.

Besides, it was a bit careless of you to lose the old avatar, just glad to see you don't lose deals -

I didn't lose it!!!!! The server ate it!!

What about that one!?

Have I saved the day??

OK. I've killed Sadie. She will never return.

I liked the top one ducko but it was 2 big...


P.S. Duck look at your Karma.... 199!

Original Poster

Thanks Ducky - thats better. Glad to see the old Emma back.

No problem!! All in a day's work for DuckMan!!

P.S. Duck look at your Karma.... 199!

You know what to do!! :P

I just gave you one!!! Someone else's turn...

Original Poster

Your wish is my command Duckman -

Oooh - I think I was just under some strange influence :evil:

Original Poster

Just thought - are mods able to use their powers like that - :lol:


Wow!! 200!!


Erm... I need a speech and I don't have one, lol.

Congrats duckmagic I think fuzzy happy hippy suits you better emma!

Thanks Paul.
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