emoticon not showing on SMS

    I have an android running MIUI 8. I can send emoticons and receivers have them okay. But I cannot receive any emoticons from anyone. Any suggestion?


    Please clarify the following

    - What phone you are using
    - What sms messaging application you are using
    - Is that application up to date
    - Have you tried another messaging app like Handcent, Textra or ChompSMS (on the app store) to see if those work
    - Presumably you mean Emojis rather than emoticons?…ons
    - Can you send an SMS to yourself with any success?

    Any sort of emojis on a SMS will cost money. If you send a text with emojis or emotions or whatever name you want to give them, it'll convert it to mms. Just use WhatsApp

    Never been charged for sending a emoji on iPhone. Was charged years ago on a note 3 tho. Think new handsets don't charge ya

    ^correct, you don't tend to get auto convert to mms these days
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