Empathy on BBC 1

    Wow what a program, very good acting and a really good story line, i was hoping it was going to continue next week but it was just for tonight.

    Did anyone see it and what did you think?

    Did anyone twig who the killer would have been before he saw the vision?

    Just read that there is going to be 3 supernatural programs, that being this one and "sea of souls" and "Lifeline"


    You sure it's not on next week?

    Original Poster

    No Ray, i just watched Empathy (9 to half 10) up at my mum and dads, it was reeeeally good.

    If you have a chance to see it if there is a repeat or if you have sky plus go and watch it, im not usually into thos type of things but i was hooked.

    Yeah I sort of watched it whilst busy elsewhere and it was good

    I thought it was excellent, really gripping stuff, infact it was the best TV I have seen in years.
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