Empire Direct - Aweful customer support...

    This thread is mainly to ask for advice & seek suggestions on how to resolve this...

    I bought a 'bagless' Vacuum Cleaner for my brother about a month back & he got it delivered after a week or so. A few days later, when I went to visit, I noticed that the Vacuum Cleaner is not the model I order or paid for (it was one to be used with a bag :x ) & if I had not picked this up, my brother would not have raised it as it would have been rude to complain about a free vacuum cleaner even though he wanted a bagless one...

    I immediately got in touch with the Customer support & was frankly informed that I had to cancel the existing order & place a new one. I complained & said I would like to know if I am going to get discount for this mess... to which I was informed, a manger will speak to me.

    Since then, It has been three weeks & everytime I call, the manager is not there or unavailable & they refuse to resolve the issue without the manager speaking to me.

    SO, anyone had any similar experiences with Empire? Any suggestions what to do? Im really annoyed with them...


    Send a letter stating your complaint to their head office, named to a senior director, informing them your not paying for what has been recieved, and your treating it as unsolicited goods. Ask for say half the value off the one you did order as compensation, and ask that they deliver it immediately - kick up a huge fuss and make outrageous demands on the premise if you dont they'll try just apologising to see if they can get away with it.
    Or if you really want to wind them up threaten to sue for negligence, and attatch an n1 form prefilled to your letter explaining that if a proper remedy is not made with 10 working days you will file online at which point they settle for £500 (any ball park figure will do as long as you dont mind issue fee) or cough up thousands in irrecoverable legal fees... Should make em sweat.

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    Thankyou Sean. I guess I will have to be a bit more 'firm' with them.

    I will not be using them again thats for sure. Thanks for your help.


    No problem - if you need a hand writing a complaint / proofreading, feel free to pm me.
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