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Found 29th Dec 2007
I was bit confused about this EDXTRA membership to avail 3 year warranty.Last week, they hiked it to £29.99 from £19.99.
The terms and conditions states that you should have an active membership for availing this.This could mean spending £29.99 each for the 2nd and 3rd year as well.
I rang Empire Direct and the chap categorically said, its a one of payment for all purchases made during the card's valid period and the products will be covered for 3 years even if you do not renew subsequently.
I am still bit wary about this as there are no-frills warranty available from reputed dealers like CRAMPTON&MOORE and JOHN LEWIS.
Any thoughts??????????
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This is the worst company

I would not recommend you even going near them !!

Highly NOT recommended !
yes DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM EMPIREDIRECT You will suffer like 1000s of ppl do.
Ive got an empire direct card, probably got about 4-5 months left on it. It was a good deal I thought and so I bought it when I got my HD camcorder from there. If you get it for 19.99 as I think its worth it.

On another note and in repsonse to the other comments. I havent had any problems with empire direct, but with the OP mentioning John Lewis - I wouldnt buy anything from their or recommend it to anyone. When my TV broke the people who took it away to fix it brought it back still broke, and they'd scratched it. Im still waiting from november for john lewis to get back to me about sorting it out.

In all fareness we all have lists of shops we will never go back to. Its a fact of life that we dont live in a perfect world and things do and will go wrong.
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