Empire Direct - EDXTRACARD free 3 year guarantee card. Will I get the free guarentee if I buy this and TV at the same time ???

Found 26th Dec 2007
I want to buy a TV from empire direct and just wanted to double check the following. I checked there terms and conditions but am a little confused

If I buy the edextra card for a free 3 year guarantee at the same time as a TV. Will I get the free 3 year guarantee on the TV?

It says that you have to put the EDXTRACARD card number in a box on the checkout screen when purchasing a qualiftying purchase. I added the card in my basket and it says delivery free - 5 - 7 days ???? Im confused does that mean if I order both a TV & EDXTRACARD together I wont be able to get the free guarantee on this purchase? as I wont have the card or number to input at checkout.

Now I wouldnt want to order the TV first if that was the case.

can someone let me know asap as I wanna order a TV but need to know if I will need to order just the card first or both at the same time
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I'm not 100% sure but think i read somewhere if you put the extra card in the basket anything in the basket will also get you 3 years free.So if you where to buy the tv & the card together the tv will get the 3 years free warranty.I will try & find link

Found it
How do I start using my edXtra card?
When you decide to become an edXtra member, by adding the item below to your basket, any applicable items within your basket will automatically receive a free 3 year guarantee.
So any items applicable over £200
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I found somebody posted this about the free 3 year guarantee card, is this true ? any users of this card in here ?


Be very wary of this Empire Direct deal. Read the terms and conditions as … Be very wary of this Empire Direct deal. Read the terms and conditions as I have, and you'll find that you have to continue to pay £30 a year for the card membership, or the warranty becomes invalid. It's still a good deal though, as you get an extra 2 years warranty for about 90 quid. Domgen charges nearly double that. I won't mention how much Mastercare charge... (£169 :eek:)

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I ordered the TV and Edxtracard and some screen cleaner for the TV. I paid and everything but I got this email today from them.

Thank you for your recent order. Regrettably, as you may have noticed at the time of ordering, your chosen item is temporarily out of stock. At present, the manufacturers are expecting stock to be with us in approximately 1/2 weeks . Should you wish to continue please rest assured that we will keep you updated with regards to the progress of your order.

Should you decide the timescale is too long, we may be able to source a similar alternative product for you and I would therefore kindly request that you contact us on the number above to discuss your order.

Yours Sincerely,

Now I see the TV somewhere else a bit cheaper all in but I might not be able to get untill next week. Will it be hard for me to cancel my order and get my money back? & how long could it take. can they charge me a cancellation fee ? I dont like the way they word that bit I bolded in the email, if I noticed the item wasnt in stock I wouldnt have ordered it, plus most sites dont let you order out of stock items.(I did have the item in my basket for about half a hour before I ordered it, trying to find out about the free 3 yr warranty).
I was also bit confused by this EDXTRA membership renewal.I rang Empire Direct and got connected after holding 28 minutes!!!!!!!!It was worth the wait.
They confirmed that this is a one off payment for the 3 years warranty.Whatever eligible product you buy during the valid period of that EDXTRA card will be covered for 3 years even if you don't renew it in 2nd and 3rd year .However, if you wish an extended cover for a new purchase after that, you have to renew the membership.
I bought a membership on 20/12/2007 for £19.99.They hiked it to £29.99 on 25/12/2007.
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