Empire Direct TomTom - Out of Stock Email?

    Has anyone who ordered the TomTom on this thread:…e=5

    had an email advising that it is temporarily out of stock so their order can't be fulfilled?

    I ordered one for myself on Sunday and one for a friend about an hour later. Strangely, his is getting delivered today but mine will be about a week or so. I phoned them when I got the email and they said they will honour the price I paid (£75.23) but I'll just have to wait!!


    oh dear !!!!!!! haven't got an email yet ... fingers crossed

    I got this email - doesnt seem to directly apologize!.

    Had to call them to reconfirm payment details - told "1000 are due on Friday"!!?.:whistling:

    Just called about mine, was told 278 were on order and they should be here early next week. Not had an email or call yet so fingers crossed. I need mine for next week :w00t:

    Still no sign of mine!!

    Phoned EmpireDiect today and told their order from TomTom had been delayed by another week!.

    Why do I think they are hoping people will cancel their orders - maybe the price was "too low" and/or the number of orders they received was too much for them to deal with (profit wise!).....
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