Empire or Total Film?

Found 6th Sep 2009
Hey, now i've become an avid film fan in the past few months (moved on from my tv obsession) i've decided i'm gonna delve into the world of film magazines. I cannot for the life of me decide which one to go for: Empire or Total Film?

One thing that is swaying my choice is the fact that the subscriptions come with free blu-rays... Empire years subscription is £17.99 for 6 months with 3 free blu rays (gotta be a member for a year) and Total film is with 6 free blu rays for £22 for 6 months... who wants to help in my dilema?

And also is there any chance that the next subscription deal will also be blu-rays? Cuase the Empire ones are pretty poor to be honest
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I prefer total film-think its just the style that I like-I just took 6 months for 22 quid with a free hand held megadrive-that offers expired tho.

Empire-read it a few times and just dont like the layout-total films writing style is far sillier and more juvenile-suits me fine!
As above, but the other way around :-D

I've been subscriber to Empire for a couple of years now (I signed up to get Greys Anatomy S1 for free) I always look foward to my magazine!

Main reason I like it is that I usually find the reviews spot on (for me anyway) You also get special subscriber covers.

I can never really get into Total Film, usually just skim through it.

This months offer on Empire is a year for £24.99 (I think) normally it's a free gift or something but not this month. (This was advertised inside the magazine)
Yeah, it's 3 free blu rays i checked on the website, if you pay an extra £10
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