Empire Stores Are Possibly The Worst Company Ever

    I would like to urge everybody that uses these forums not to trade with Empire Stores in future.
    I am extremely alarmed by their lack of interest in customers and their complete incompetence to complete a simple order. I ordered a DAB Radio after an amazing deal was posted on this forum.

    I got sent a TV worth about nothing and no radio saying it was out of stock. I thought well maybe I have just been unlucky. So I Re-Ordered the alternative product which worked out to be the same price. I received an email saying i had successfully ordered the alternative. Now when I ring they are lying to me saying I reordered the Bush out of order product. They have now also sent me another free TV Worth about £0!!!!!!!

    They have also taken money out of my account to the value of 3 DAB Radios!!!!! This is amazing because I only ordered 2 which i got none of! I really dont know how a company can operate like this and I for one will be taking this incident to the relevant authorities to be dealt with!

    Rant Over

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    I got no Bush but a free High quality TV! .... now i have to check my account!!!
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