Found 1st Aug 2009
Has anyone recieved their £15 discount from games from a recent post. i ws charged ful price and complained by email after a week of not being refunded, then they agreed to give me it. I recieved a £15CR notice through the post but still not ACTUAL refund to my account. Anyone else still not been refunded or have an idea of how long it will take?

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If i purchased an item that was advertised with £15 discount, but i was charged full price,

I would not accept a £15 credit note.

I would email and point this out.

If i still had no joy, i would eplain how they have 14 days to pay before i use Money Claim Online to recover my £15 and they would also have to pay the Court costs.

Catalogue companies do this all the time, they offer you a discount then credit your account, hardly ever do they apply the discount before charging you! Also they are hit and miss to whether they feel like applying the discount - i personally don't bother with catalogues anymore1 (and yes..... i know people have got cheap DS's and Wii fits - but seems like too much hassle)
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