Empirestores Shop n Save rewards gone!?

Found 15th Jul 2008
I dont know if anyone else has noticed but because empirestores have been taken over the shop n save rewards have gone, i had £15 in mine i know its not much but i was hoping to get £60 total once ive payed for my tv with them, whats happening!

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I think it said in the blurb that i got when littlewoods took over that you can earn the cashback on the items already purchased but im not sure about future purchases. I think your rewards should be safe

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My rewards come up as 0.48p on the new site, it was £15 on the old empirestores lol

mine was the opposite, had £20 on the old site and now have £50:roll:

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ahh its ok my mistake ive sorted it =)

so how do you spend them ? cos nowhere online lets you !
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