Empirestores to close down

Found 20th May 2008
Empirestores regrets that it is to cease trading (under the current ownership of Redcats UK) in July 2008 following declining year on year sales. Redcats UK says that the business has been hit by the rapid growth of value retailers on the High Street as well as rival online firms and the credit squeeze. The decline in sales has generated losses with no prospects of recovery in a declining agency market. The closure has resulted in up to 850 job losses.

Redcats UK is to concentrate focus on developing its direct home shopping operations through its existing brands of La Redoute, VertBaudet and Daxon as well as new online projects.

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Laredoute are worse when it comes to CS. They should have closed that down and concentrated on Empirestores

does that mean my bill will be written off? lol

or a big clearance sale

Original Poster

There's quite a few good clearance items starting, and a 10% off code somewhere!

oh good i need a bed for my son

the home direct group are taking them over in july

it looks like littlewoods have taken over



does that mean my bill will be written off? lol

If only, I would place a very large order:-D

Big Empirestores catalogue came through the door yesterday looking so much like Littlewoods it's not even funny. And that was before seeing a TomTom advertised for like £500.
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