Groups and others doing payment over time?

    Well, I noticed the thread about 40% off, but I notice on the website it says about being able to pay for things over 52 weeks etc., so my question is - how would this be achieved (as in how does it get paid - a charge to the card each week? :?), and do you actually pay any more than that? As with the prices that are quoted for the 52 weeks still seems to show as cheaper - I thought places that do this add more on so that you end up paying more?

    If anyone is able to provide clarification and further information (such as links to other reputable places (also, is empirestores very reputable?) who allow payment over time like this, if possible including actual rates of interest, with an example) then I would appreciate it.

    There's probably a fair bit of babbling in the above text, so I apologise if I cause any confusion.

    Anywho, thank you in advance :thumbsup:


    its a catalogue, they will bill you each month

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    Thanks for the info loupomm
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