empty 360 video game case

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Found 24th Mar 2007
yeah strange request, had no joy finding these yet but i'm only half switched on today.

i'm looking for a 360 video game case, because i got a game that was damaged in the post and would like to replace it.


Try your local £1 style shops.. they often have em, work out to about 20p.

Or fill in form with royal mail as standard mail is covered to £32.. should cover a new game anyway?

Aren't they pretty much DVD cases?

Yup but green.

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had a thread on this in the misc section and i got made out to be petty. Think i'll continue with my claim then.

slightly different to dvd cases in colour ie opaque green

Original Poster


Yup but green.

beat me to it

But since you're returning it, I don't think they'd mind what colour it is would they?

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no sorry i'm not returning it, should say that it was the case that was damaged and not the game
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