Empty Box Arrived from AMAZON.FR after Samsung Galaxy S8 order - Amazon.fr want detailed police report

Posted 17th Jan 2018
So this has been a pretty crazy few days.

I placed an ordered through amazon.fr for a Samsung Galaxy S8 through amazon marketplace - seller had many great reviews etc and was much cheaper than here in the U.K.

Box shows up one day last week, while I was out, and is left outside the front of the house.

The amazon packaging seems perfectly fine, I open the amazon packaging, open the phone packaging - No Handset, charger, headphone etc all present, No Handset.

I report this to amazon.fr who run an "Investigation" and tell me that they are convinced that the delivery was made correctly and that they cannot do anything further and that I should contact the police. The tracking details list the delivery as "Made to a Resident" which is completely untrue as nobody was in the house at the time. I ask them for proof of the delivery - I.E a signature or name of the person who received the delivery and they refuse to supply me with it -

They tell me I need a full police report, to send to them before they can look at it any further.

at this point they refuse to help me with anything else - all i get is "go to the police"

After speaking to the police here in person, and calling 101, they inform me that there has been no crime to report - there is no proof anybody stole anything and also that the item doesn't belong to me if i never received it anyway so I cannot report a theft, loss or damage.
They refer me to the national fraud intelligence bureau who take a kind of report and give me a reference number.

Obviously this does not satisfy the criteria they have for the report -
they want police officers name, direct number, a police "stamp" whatever that is ect

and they are now refusing to speak to me or address the issue any further, despite me calling, emailing and online-chatting to them constantly trying to explain that I cannot give them what they want in such specific detail as no crime has occured - they are now at the point of replying to my emails with the same email over and over again - deliberately disconnecting live chat sessions during my attempts to ask them what else I can do to resolve this issue. All this aside from the obvious language barrier I have as I do not speak a word of french.

There is no amazon international customer service line that can help and only amazon.fr can even see the order on their system, no other amazon department can help me.

I'm at a loss here and was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar and resolved it? I cant be the only one that this has ever happened to surely, its beginning to look like they are going to get away with £000's of my money for an empty box.
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